pwc covers

A very popular accessory these days for pwc owners are custom and custom-made pwc covers, tailored to perfectly fit the make and model of your personal watercraft. Nearly any type of cover required for your seadoo or pwc is obtainable from a quality custom cover shop, whether it is pre-manufactured by the dealer, custom designed as an aftermarket accessory, or individually custom designed and installed for your pwc or jetski. Acquiring pwc covers or seadoo covers with a perfect fit should be the most important factor when you are deciding on a custom cover. In addition to choosing an appropriate material, a perfectly fitting pwc cover will be extremely important when it comes time to transport your watercraft – whether you are 10 minutes or 2 hours from your favorite lake or harbor, trailering a pwc with an improperly fitting cover can be hard on your boat, as well as potentially hazardous for you and/or drivers behind you on the highway.

As mentioned above, second to a tailored fit, material is probably the second most important factor when you are considering pwc covers. The material that is used will determine how well and for how long your cover will protect your boat. Probably the most durable canvas covers are constructed using the Sunbrella ® brand of fabrics. Sunbrella ® is specifically engineered to be fade-resistant, and durable to stand up to severe sun and weather condition in the south. In addition to sun resistance, the material is woven which prevents the build-up of moisture and heat, thereby preventing moisture and mildew damage. The woven material also adds resistance to tearing, shrinking, or mildewing of the cover itself. The longer your cover resists sun damage, the longer it will last.

The same principles of material selection and attention to precise fit will apply, whether you are looking for a pwc cover, seadoo covers, a sea doo pwc cover, a Yamaha pwc cover, a Kawasaki pwc cover, a mooring cover, dodgers, biminis, a helm cover, or just about any manner of marine canvas covers.

Many people ask whether they should buy manufacturers pre-fabricated watercraft covers or whether they need to have a custom pwc covering specifically designed and tailored to get the maximum protection. The pre-made options are often tailored to exactly fit a particular make, model and year, so this is often the most cost effective solution as well. It is a good idea to search for some reviews about the quality and attention to detail for the particular cover manufacturer that you are considering ordering from.

So, knowing a bit more about the important factors to consider before choosing your pwc covers – ie. 1) exact fit and 2) material durability and breathability, will help you decide whether you should invest a little extra expense in a custom designed and manufactured cover, or whether an off-the-shelf pre-manufactured cover will suit your needs.