Waverunner Covers

My best friend just got a new Waverunner. He has been looking for a long time and finally found a second hand one in decent shape and at a good price. He is very, very happy. It made me think about Waverunner covers. I have never actually seen any branded Waverunner covers. It would make sense that they make them but I guess they aren't so popular in this area or amongst the guys I generally compete against - most of my buddies all have your run of the mill pwc, so pwc covers are what I'm more familiar with.

Given that this recent purchase is such a big deal for my friend I would like to give him a present. It's also his 40th birthday and his wife is planning a surprise BBQ. A perfect present would be a new seadoo cover or pwc cover or whatever. I expect we will be trailering our seadoos around to various lakes and rivers over the summer and a good cover will help his waverunner stay shiny and in good shape. So the question remains, where might I find a cover that he would like and that would fit his machine.

Hi machine is slightly broader than mine at the bow and it definitely sits higher out of the water than mine does. I wonder if a regular seadoo cover would work for his machine. I don't want to wreck the surpise of his gift so I will have to be a bit sneaky. I could measure his machine and then compare the measurements of a seadoo cover in a store. The other alternative would be to bring my old seadoo cover to his house and slip it on his machine.

I suppose before I do either of those things I should start with a google search or look for waverunner covers on ebay.