Seadoo PWC Covers

Since starting this blog, I am getting asked all the time about buying seadoo pwc covers. I told a few fellow seadoo fans and they have in turn told other riders about my blog on seadoo covers. It's become a bit crazy and I'm fielding phone calls from people I don't really know about once or twice per week. People are asking questions about the quality of various covers. People are asking about warranties (which I don't really know about). People are asking about getting customized covers or offering customization services. However, most of the phone calls are from people wanting to either buy or sell a used seadoo or pwc cover, and even the occasional waverunner cover comes up.

I don't really want to become a sales site but I'm trying to figure out how to facilitate the sale of these used covers. So far I've been telling potential buyers that I would keep my eyes open and that they should check out craigslist. I have been telling potential sellers to post on craigslist. I have sold a ton of things on cl and I've also rented my house through cl so I know it really works. The list is a great way to buy tickets to hockey games or concerts and a great way to find good quality second hand stuff at less than half price. There is also a section called "free" and it's a good thing to keep your eye on as I've seen some great free stuff. My dad got a free wood stove once. In any event, I have not seen any ads for seadoo pwc covers but admittedly I don't look regularly. CL was also very helpful when I was trying to figure out a way to redo my seadoo seat cover before I put my seadoo on the market.

I think another good place to look for used covers would be on the bulletin boards at your local marina. These covers aren't something that people change very often but it can't hurt to look. It would likely be worthwhile to post your own ad looking for a used cover on those bulletin boards. People sell all types of watercraft this way. Why not sell covers this way too? You never know who might read it and get in touch with you.

Just get the word out. Word of mouth is often the best way of getting information. If you want to find second hand seadoo pwc covers then just let it be known that you are in the market for the same. Talk to other riders and seadoo fans. Make a nice flyer and post it at the next competition. State what you are looking for and what you are willing to pay. Somebody someplace will have an extra one that they are willing to part with. Eventually the word will get to someone who is able to help you.