Seadoo Seat Cover

I have an older model seadoo. I am wondering about changing my seadoo seat cover. The engine has been well taken care of and maintained. I also take care to store it properly in the winter months. In addition, I always use a seadoo cover when I trailer it. I have taken very good care of my seadoo however my seadoo seat cover is definitely showing some age and I think will reduce the re-sale value of my machine.

I was thinking of trading in my seadoo for a newer model before the start of this season (machine, accessories and cover all included), but I'm afraid the seat cover might unfairly reduce the value of my trade in. The current seat cover is yellow and it has faded into a really dirty looking pale yellow. Worse yet there was a slight cut in the vinyl that wasn't patched up properly and, although it doen't really effect the integrity of the seat, it looks really bad. I asked at the dealer if he knew of people changing their seat covers but he wasn't very helpful. I suppose he has no interest in helping me increase the value of the machine. I have also posted the question on the other seadoo site but I haven't received a response yet.

I was thinking that if I managed to remove the current seat and seat cover I could contract a seamstress to make a pattern and sew a new one out of a Neoprene like material. I suppose if I could find someone with an industrial sewing machine I could make a new vinyl seat cover for my baby. The alternative would be to make a really tight fitting and stretchy slip cover that I could hook over the existing seat. I know that I must have some options to improve the look. I can't be the only one who hates their seat cover.

The body of the seadoo is a really great reddish purple so I was thinking I'd like the new seat cover to be a bright purple. Out on the water, I think the brightest colours always look the best. I also have a bright red and purple seadoo brand pfd. It's also handy to have a distinctive colour so people on land can pick you out in a race or from a crowd. And of course my pwc cover is purple and black - that just keeps the whole color scheme together.

I am going to continue trying to come up with a solution for a new seadoo seat cover before I give in and trade it in as is. If anyone has any experience with replacing thier seadoo seat cover please leave a comment. Also if anyone has every changed their pwc seat cover in general please also leave details. I will post my solution when I figure it out.